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Randy Schindewolf

Ecommerce Manager

Randy brings over 20 years of outdoor and sporting goods Omni-channel retail experience along with him to Kinsey’s Outdoors. He joined our Ecommerce team in mid-2021 and has been an excellent asset—sharing his wealth of ecommerce expertise with the existing employees. After a tenured traditional retail career with an athletic footwear company, he pursued a digital retail career when Amazon was just an online book store. Although his participation in organized sports is behind him, he continues to be an enthusiast for a myriad of sports. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family, watching sports, mountain biking, and attending concerts.

Josh Myers

Sales Floor Lead

Josh Myers joined the Kinsey’s family during his high school years back in 2005. He has been shooting bow since the age of 3 and his passion for archery hunting has continued to emerge over the years. Josh has been a member of the Bear Archery Shooting staff since 2007 and an I.B.O. world qualifier four years in a row. With 15+ years of experience working in the bow shop, you can always count on Josh to successfully fulfill any of your archery needs! As much as Josh is an archery enthusiast, he also enjoys spring gobbler hunting, as well.

Doug Williams

Sales Floor Associate

Doug Williams has been in the archery business as either a professional shooter or working within the industry for most of his life. If you have been in our retail store a time or two, at some point I’m sure you have seen Doug as he has been on the sales floor here for 15+ years. Doug is full of archery knowledge through all of his years of hands on experience, and actively shooting and working on his own bow. Not only does he enjoy being in a treestand archery hunting, he loves to shoot clays, chase small game, and pheasant hunt with his son.

Moe Ott

Archery Associate

Moe Ott has been one of our firearm associates at Kinsey’s Outdoors for nearly 10 years now. He shot his first buck in 1967 and started trout fishing at the age of 3. Trout fishing and hunting have been two of his favorite hobbies ever since. Moe helped coach a youth .22 rifle league in his spare time. He is a very knowledgeable firearms salesman and is dedicated to helping all of our customers regardless of whether or not they are regular customers or first time buyers.

Mike Myers

Bow Technician

Mike Myers is the area’s leading technician with over 30 years of full-time experience working closely with every bow line. Mike started his career here at Kinsey’s Outdoors back in 1999 and began building his own custom strings since the early 2000’s. In his spare time he enjoys archery and turkey hunting. Come on in and check out his custom built strings we have for sale in store and get your bow shooting straighter than ever with his hands-on knowledge.

Brittany Ritzman

Customer Service Lead


Brittany Ritzman joined the Kinsey's Outdoors team in 2022 and has been a great asset ever since! Brittany is an outgoing and friendly individual who transitioned to a career in retail after leaving a previous job in banking. Brittany is an animal lover of all kinds and loves spending any free time she has with her friends and family. She also spends a lot of time with her family at their property in Virginia. Brittany can be found behind the front desk at the store and would love to assist you the next time you are in the store!

Cheyenne Coble

Sales Associate


Cheyenne Coble joined the Kinsey's team in August 2022 and has recently transitioned to a full time role within the store. Cheyenne is very passionate about firefighting and is looking into the career field while she is currently serving as a volunteer. Cheyenne also volunteers at a dog rescue that her stepmother founded. In her free time, you can find Cheyenne outside watching the sky, pheasant hunting, or hunting with either her rifle or bow. If you need any assistance while you are in the store, do not hesitate to ask Cheyenne!