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  • MAXXDry Heavy Duty SP Dryer

    MAXXDry Heavy Duty SP Dryer

    The MaxxDry Heavy Duty SP uses gently heated airflow to safely dry out damp footwear in about an hour helping to eliminate odors and restore comfort. Safe for all types of footwear and gloves. Max temperature is 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • MAXXDry Boot Dry Dryer

    MAXXDry Boot Dry Dryer

    After working outdoors in wet winter weather, just place your clammy boots on the MaxxDry Boot Dryer. The dryer helps prevent the growth of bacteria, fungus, and mold and reduces odors. After your boots are on the dryer overnight, they'll be fresh and...

  • MAXXDry SD Boot Dryer

    MAXXDry SD Boot Dryer

    The Boot Dry is a safe, silent, simple, overnight way to dry footwear. Using thermal convection, naturally rising warm air it removes dampness, perspiration and odor from all types of shoes or boots. Using minimal wattage, the Boot Dry is a cost-...

3 of 3 Items