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Safe Delivery Program


Safe delivery can be simple or complex. Our delivery team utilizes specialized tools to make sure your new safe is delivered safely and efficiently.


Our quotes are made with the customer’s needs in mind. Simple deliveries are priced significantly cheaper than complex deliveries.

Pricing is structured  based on the below factors:

• Number of miles to delivery location
• Access type – driveway, gravel, grass, dirt, etc. 
• Entry doorway type – garage, basement, sliding door, etc.
• Number of stairs or stoops
• Equipment required to land safe in the final resting location


Utilize the below link to submit a Request for Quote (RFQ) for delivery services. We will be in touch shortly to provide information and discuss final details!

Safe Delivery Program available for Lancaster, York, and surrounding areas. Please submit a safe delivery quote to see how we can help with your transport needs.