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Field Staff


Mike was born and raised in Central Pennsylvania. At a young age, he developed a passion for the outdoors and as the years passed, his passion and knowledge for hunting and fishing grew into an obsession. Being a high school elite and D1 scholarship athlete in college, caused hunting and fishing to become limited to a few days a week but after suffering a career altering injury, his football career ended and he was able to devote more time to the outdoors again. From that moment, he switched gears, and hunting and fishing became his before and after work addiction. Wanting to take it to the next level, Mike purchased a camera and has been filming his outdoor experiences. Mike has harvested multiple pope and young whitetails, eastern turkeys and a Canadian black bear on camera that has aired on national television networks. When he is not spending time in the outdoors, Mike loves spending time with his wife, Katie and son, Christian.


Born and raised in Lancaster County, Brandon has spent his life enjoying the adventure and tradition of hunting and fishing. Brandon devotes his time year round to the great outdoors where he can likely be found fishing, hunting, or scouting depending on the season. When he is not in the woods, he volunteers his time assisting various conservation organizations in preserving public lands throughout Pennsylvania. He is passionate about volunteering his free time in hopes to be able to pass these conservation’s on to future generations for them to be able to keep the hunting and fishing traditions alive!


Ryan has been hunting since a very young age, brought up here in central Pennsylvania by a family that emphasized a passion and respect for the outdoors. He enjoys hunting Pennsylvania whitetail deer, bear, and turkeys from across the nation. Ryan’s greatest hunting passion however, is waterfowl. The excitement that comes with watching birds land in your carefully laid decoy set, the camaraderie in the blind, and continuous-action nature of waterfowl hunting makes it second to none. When he isn’t hunting or scouting, Ryan is spending time with his wife and son, excited to share this hunting tradition with a family of his own.


Our newest member of the field staff team, Grant Forney, was born and raised in Lancaster County. Grant has been hunting and fishing from a very young age and he has his father to thank for introducing him to the great outdoors. Grant does it all, from fly fishing for trout to chasing whitetails, and everything in between. He started his hunting and fishing career at his family’s cabin in Northcentral Pennsylvania when he was younger, but is now fortunate enough to travel to other states for more successful adventures. He is incredibly passionate about spreading his love and knowledge of the outdoors to the community that surrounds him whether in person or through his social media platforms in order to keep the tradition alive! During his free time when he is not hunting or fishing, he enjoys playing basketball, watching sports, working out, and spending valuable time with his family and friends.


Brandon was born and raised in Lancaster County Pennsylvanian in a family that hunting and fishing goes back many generations. He has spent most of his life outdoors since he grew up without cable or video games. Brandon is an avid deer hunter and fly fisherman. From shooting small game with his recurve, to chasing steelhead in Erie, he has spent countless hours in the woods and on the water. Brandon has also been filming his hunting and fishing adventures along side his good friends for the past ten years. During this time he has had the opportunity to self-film himself harvest multiple public land bucks. When he is not chasing big bucks or big fish, he enjoys spending time with his wife Whitney and both of
their families.