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May 18–19

Tent Event

Come shop our two-day Tent Event to take advantage of great bargain buys! 



Up to 50% Off SITKA – plus deals up to 77% off on bows, clothing, firearms and accessories! Enter through the side warehouse door for these in-store only deals. 

May 28

FREE CLASS: Traveling with Guns

We are hosting a U.S. Law Shield legal workshop on the laws of concealed carry and interstate travel! Come join us for this FREE educational event. You will learn the WHERE's, WHEN's and HOW's about carrying a firearm in Pennsylvania as well as learning about the federal laws that govern interstate travel. An experienced attorney will explain the complex legal issues you will face when carrying a firearm. They will also discuss the potential pitfalls and common mistakes you will need to be aware of while carrying.  It will be an eye-opening class!
Seating is limited.  Register today so don't miss your chance to come!
Admission is FREE for USLS members and Kinsey's clients.