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  • Birchwood Rig Bore Runner Basic Rod 12/16 Gauge

    Birchwood Rig Bore Runner Basic Rod 12/16 Gauge

    A basic system to quickly remove powder fouling from your shotgun in the field or at the range. Two-piece breakdown design for easy storage and transport. Includes fiberglass shaft with wooden handle, fabric covered quick clean extension. Quickly...

  • Breakthrough Clean Battle Rope

    Breakthrough Clean Battle Rope

    The new Breakthrough Clean Battle Ropes are available in a wide variety of caliber widths, to cover all of your firearm cleaning needs. Designed to better clean the bore of your firearm, the Battle Rope's integrated bronze brush and detachable hard...

    $15.99 - $16.99
  • Outers Cleaning Kit .22 Cal. Rifle Aluminum Rods

    Outers Cleaning Kit .22 Cal. Rifle Aluminum Rods

    This kit includes a variety of components to clean compatible firearms. Includes a cleaning rod, phosphor bronze brush, spear pointed jag, slotted patch loop, microfiber absorbent patches, 2 oz. Nitro Solvent Gun Cleaner. 2 oz. Gun Oil.

  • Outers Pistol Cleaning Kit

    Outers Pistol Cleaning Kit

    Lightweight cleaning rod Phosphor bronze bore brush Wool blend mop Slotted patch loop Spear pointed jag Micro-fiber absorbent patches Nitro Solvent Gun Cleaner 2-ounce bottle Gun Oil 2-ounce bottle

  • Gunmaster Flex Bore Light

    Gunmaster Flex Bore Light

    The Flex Bore light features a 6” flexible shaft for viewing barrels before and after cleaning. Uses a AAA battery to power the long-lasting LED.

  • Hoppe's Bore Light

    Hoppe's Bore Light

    Now you can illuminate the bore entirely to expose nicks, scratches, pits and fouling. Great for safety checks and lighting hard-to-reach areas Locking feature can keep light on for longer inspections Indispensable for buyers of used...

  • Remington LED Bore-Light

    Remington LED Bore-Light

    Ideal for inspecting used firearms, cleaning firearms and inspecting bore for obstructions  LED light eliminates intense glare allowing for better viewing  Compact: easy to carry and stow  Comes complete with batteries  Includes...

  • Remington Rem Brush 7mm/270 cal.

    Remington Rem Brush 7mm/270 cal.

    The Remington Rem brush is made for a 7mm/.270 caliber firearm that features bronze bristles to clean a bore without excessive abrasion and resist corrosion. It is designed to fit a #8-32 thread.

  • Remington Rem Brushes

    Remington Rem Brushes

    A clean firearm simply performs better, and there's no better way to keep your guns in pristine condition than with Remington cleaning accessories. The Rem Brush's bronze bristles resist corrosion and will clean your bore without excessive abrasion. 8-32...

    $1.29 - $1.99
14 of 14 Items