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  • Browning John M. Browning Biography Book

    Browning John M. Browning Biography Book

      Read this first. Many of us at Browning first read this book when we came to work for Browning. We all thought we know a great deal about him. Nearly everyone is always wrong. The extent of his contributions to firearms design and innovation...

  • Carlson's Auto Catcher

    Carlson's Auto Catcher

    Carlson’s 12 GA Auto Catcher is an all-steel shotgun shell catcher that prevents empty hulls from being ejected through the receiver opening on semi-automatic shotguns and holds the empty hulls for easy removal. One model works with all 12-gauge...

  • Allen Universal Shotgun Plug

    Allen Universal Shotgun Plug

    Injection-molded from rugged polymer; this plug can be trimmed to a specific size if necessary, for fine-tuning with various lengths of shotgun shells. Our Universal Shotgun Plug is easy to install and fits inside the spring when installed it won’t cause...

7 of 7 Items