Vortex Optics Defender Objective Flip Cap

  • Product ID: 714791 714792 714793 713011 713012
  • MFG#: O-24 O-32 O-40 O-44 O-50
  • UPC#: 875874008434 875874008687 875874008441 875874005884 875874005891
  • Vortex Optics Defender Objective Flip Cap
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About this product:

New for 2017. This is the last flip cap you will ever need! Virtually indestructible, this cap will fit snugly on nearly all Vortex Optics® and features a snap flat spring that will keep your line of sight unobstructed.


Objective 24 Fits

  • Razor HD Gen II: RZR-16003, RZR-16004, RZR-16005
  • Viper PST: PST-14ST-M, PST-14ST-A, PST-43111
  • Viper PST Gen II: PST-1605, PST-1607
  • Strike Eagle: SR-1824-1, SR-1624-1
  • Crossfire II: CF2-31035

Objective 32 Fits

  • Razor HD LH: RZR-6638
  • Viper PST: PST-43103, PST-43104
  • Viper PST Gen II: PST-2105, PST-2101
  • Diamondback: DBK-08-BDC, DBK-M-08P
  • Diamondback HP: DBK-10011, DBK-10013
  • Crossfire: CF2-31003, CF2-31002, CF2-31001R, CF2-31001

Objective 40 Fits

  • Razor HD LH: RZR-1589, RZR-1572, RZR-1565, RZR-1558
  • Diamondback Tactical: DBK-10025, DBK-10023
  • Diamondback: DBK-04-BDC, DBK-M-01P, DBK-M-04P
  • Crossfire: CF2-31005, CF2-31007, CF2-310017, CF2-310019, CF2-310025

Objective 44 Fits

  • Viper PST: PST-210S1-A, PST-210S1-M
  • Viper PST Gen II: PST-3158, PST-3155
  • Viper HS LR: VHS-4305-LR
  • Viper HS: VHS-4302, VHS-4303, VHS-4304, VHS-4305
  • Viper HST: VHS-4308, VHS-4309
  • Viper: VPR-M-05BDC, VPR-M-05MD
  • Diamondback HP: DBK-10019, DBK-10015
  • Crossfire II: CF2-31013, CF2-31015, CF2-31029, CF2-31031, CF-31033
  • Copperhead: CPH-412

Objective 50 Fits

  • Razor HD Gen II: RZR-31802, RZR-31803
  • Razor HD: RZR-52005, RZR-52006
  • Viper PST: PST-210S1-M, PST-43127, PST-43128, PST-624F1-A, PST-624F1-M, PST-624S1-A, PST-624S1-M, PST-416F1-A, PST-416S1-A
  • Viper PST Gen II: PST-5258, PST-5255, PST-5251
  • Viper HST: VHS-4310, VHS-4325
  • Viper HSLR: VHS-4307-LR, VHS-4313-LR, VHS-4315-LR
  • Viper HS: VHS-4306, VHS-4307, VHS-4317, VHS-4319
  • Viper: VPR-M-06MD, VPR-M-06BDC
  • Intrepid HD: INT-301
  • Diamondback HP: DBK-M-03P, DBK-03-BDC
  • Crossfire II: CF2-31009, CF2-31011, CF2-31021, CF2-31023, CF2-31027, CF2-31039, CF2-31041, CF2-31043, CF2-31045