Remington Nitro Turkey 12 Ga 3" 5 Shot 1 7/8 oz 10 Rounds

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  • MFG#: NT12H5
  • UPC#: 047700348902
  • Remington
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About this product:

Get your own Thanksgiving dinner with these Remington 3" Nitro Turkey shells. They fire 1-7/8 Ounce of #5 lead shot at 1210 fps. It has all the features a turkey hunter would want. 

Remington Nitro Turkey loads contain our Nitro Mag extra hard lead shot. Our unique manufacturing process yields shot that is as hard and round as copper plated shot. In fact, Nitro Turkey Magnums will pattern as well as other copper plated, buffered loads without the higher cost. Utilizing a specially blended powder recipe and Remington's advanced Power Piston one piece wad, Remington's Nitro Turkey Load delivers 80% pattern densities with outstanding knockdown power at effective ranges. 

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