Primos Gobbler Hunting Vest Gen 2 Exclusive Turkey Package

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  • Primos Gobbler Hunting Vest Gen 2 Exclusive Turkey Package
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About this product:

This Kinsey's Outdoors Exclusive Turkey Package includes the following:

1. Primos Gobbler Hunting Vest Gen 2

The Gobbler ® Vest Gen 2 is the perfect vest for turkey hunters who want it all when it comes to comfortable concealment, smart storage, and durable construction. Customized and quiet pockets keep everything you need in the field organized and at-the-ready, including special pockets for four pot calls, mouth calls, decoy stakes, and much more!

  • Updated fabric
  • Zippered pockets
  • Molded pot call pockets; hold two pot calls each
  • Mouth call purse pockets
  • Decoy stake pocket
  • Updated back padding for a comfortable sit against any tree
  • Thermacell/accessory straps
  • Mossy Oak Greenleaf Pattern
  • Available in sizes: Medium/Large, X-Large/2X-Large

2. Woodhaven Cherry Classic Slate Turkey Call

Combining the best Pennsylvania slate with the cherry sound chamber is the result of a slate call with a sound that is unequaled. Long, high front breaks off to a sweet rasp and tones down to quiet yelps, clucks and purrs.

Comes with the following:

  • Surface Conditioning Kit
  • Surface Saver Lid
  • 2 hand matched strikers

3. Woodhaven The Red Zone 3 Pack Turkey Mouth Calls

This series of 3 reed calls feature the famous WoodHaven red latex in combination with a .003 clear reed and a .003 black reed on bottom and has proven to create some new dimensions in sound quality as far as smoothness and sweetness in mouth calls today. Leave it to WoodHaven to develop new calls that sound this good and this much like “turkeys”.

RED VYPER- A classic “V” cut call with the tips of the side wings nipped off to create our VYPER. The yelps have been sweetened ever so slightly and the hard cutts, cackles and clucks n purrs are awesome.

RED GHOST– We may have created the best kee kee call of all time with this call! IT has tremendous range and control and is easy to break into a very nice yelp! A must try for those that like the “ghost”.

RED SCORPION- the combo cut call we call “scorpion”- the rasp of a “V” and the mellowness of the side wing gone creates that perfect balance and harmony in this great.