CCI Maxi Mag .22 WMR 40 Grain TMJ 50 Rounds

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  • MFG#: 0023
  • UPC#: 076683000231
  • CCI Maxi Mag .22 WMR 40 Grain TMJ 50 Rounds
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About this product:

Spotting CCI shooters on the range isn't hard. Look for tight groups or cans with several holes in them. Regardless of the target, CCI ammunition delivers. If you're competing, "decent groups" just won't do. That's why CCI offers a full line of ammunition designed for those in competition like 22 Short, Maxi-Mag TMJ, 22 Long, Mini-Mag, Green Tag, Pistol Match, Standard Velocity, Select, and Short Target.Whether you're shooting a rifle or pistol, CCI have a high-performance load for you.