Browning 4-IN-1 Survivor Pen Light

  • Product ID: 711878
  • MFG#: 3712130
  • UPC#: 023614482765
  • Browning 4-IN-1 Survivor Pen Light
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About this product:

Multipurpose pen light, cap light, glass breaker, writing implement.

One of the best little tools ever. It's a light, glass breaker, cap light and ball point pen.

It slices. It dices. Actually those are a couple of things it won't do. But in a real tough situation it is nice to know that the pen in your pocket can get you out of a dark room in a blackout. Or clip on as a cap light to change a tire. Or break into a car door side window for a rescue.

It's just handy to know that you are prepared.