Bear X Bruzer Crossbow Package Black

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  • Bear X Bruzer Crossbow Package Black
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About this product:


  • PowerV Riser Design
  • 3xs Adjustable Trigger System
  • Forward Facing Limbs
  • PowerLink Cable Routing Hangers
  • Gaffstep Stirrup
  • Clearfield by NightStar 4X32mm Scope
  • 3 Trophy Ridge X-Ray Arrows & Points

These days’ time and money are short, but opportunity awaits for those willing to go after it, the Bear X Bruzer FFL was built for just this. Relish in the opportunity to be in the whitetail woods more often knowing you didn’t break your back working overtime to get there. The Forward Facing Limb (FFL) design moves the weight of the bow between your hands where it belongs, giving you a more comfortable and balanced shooting platform. The Bruzer’s compact design is perfect for the walk in and the drag back and at 335 fps success will occur in the blink of an eye.

The 3 Times Safe trigger is one of the safest and most intuitive triggers ever in a crossbow. The safety is always set when cocking the bow and it can be in safe or fire prior to cocking. Extending the riser to behind the trigger makes for even stress distribution and wicked efficiency. PowerLink Cable Routing Hangers extend the limbs slightly to allow the use of yoked cables to clear the rotation of the cams. Quite simply, they allow for the best possible bow tune! The FFL bow orientation moves the riser and weight of the bow to between the fore grip and the grip creating optimal balance. Often forgotten about, the stirrup is essential to a crossbow. Now, Bear has made it even more useful by making it a hook that can hang just about anywhere.

Package also Includes:

  • Picatinny Mount Quiver
  • Cocking Sled
  • Rail Lube