Avian-X Jake & Lookout Hen Merriam Turkey Decoys

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  • Avian-X Jake & Lookout Hen Merriam Turkey Decoys
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About this product:

Whether you are in Merriam’s country or heading out West, the Avian-X® Merriam’s combo pack is designed to mimic the exact color and is subspecies specific. At Avian-X®, we are committed to bringing you the very first Merriam’s production decoys ever created. We have spent hours reproducing the wildly accurate color scheme and lifelike look of the Merriam’s turkey. Pairing the best of both worlds, the Avian-X® Lifelike Collapsible Decoy (LCD) Lookout Hen and the subdominant LCD Jake Quarter Strut are included. The Lookout Hen is designed with an upright head, which is a higher profile and shows dominance. Not only attractive in the courtship ritual for drawing in gobblers, but also a very challenging posture to bring in hens. Combine that with the subdominant LCD Jake Quarter Strut and you are hitting every aspect of a gobbler’s springtime ritual. The jake decoy is in a nondominant pose, and will draw the fighting aspect out of all gobblers. This combo pack is sure to bring’em running. The Avian-X® LCD pack is equipped with one-piece collapsible stakes and carrying bags.