2 Monkey Lucky Shot 9mm Ammo Real Bullet Earplugs

  • Product ID: 715958
  • MFG#: LSEP-9N
  • UPC#: 834954070136
  • 2 Monkey Lucky Shot 9mm Ammo Real Bullet Earplugs
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About this product:

2 Monkey Trading LLC is a family owned and operated US manufacturer of unique and innovative products. They are the parent company of Lucky Shot USA, Cobrabraid and Survival Cord products. Made in the USA from real USA hardware! 

Lucky Shot produces intriguing products made from the spent casings of actual fired rounds. These functional conversation pieces are sure to break the ice and generate some witty dialogs. The 9mm Ear Plugs made from a bright nickel casing are sure to be a hit at any range gathering or hunting camp. Spent shell casings converted to full functional ear plugs with a noise reduction rating of 27. What a fashion statement! And they include a small carry case to keep them dirt and dust free for reuse.