Pennsylvania Spring Trout Series Ep 3

By: The Everyday Outdoorsmen

Welcome to the Kinsey’s Outdoors PA Spring Trout Series! In this third installment, The Everyday Outdoorsmen are out taking advantage of Pennsylvania’s opening day of the southeastern trout season.

In this episode, the Everyday Outdoorsmen are fishing the opening morning of trout season in southeastern Pennsylvania. Arriving early to the stream, the guys give a brief description of the tactics and lures that they plan on fishing. They were able to catch fish with both spin fishing gear and fly fishing gear. The stream conditions were good and the fish were cooperative. Based on the depth and color of the water they chose lures and flies that were brighter than normal.  A white Rooster Tail on the spinning rod and a pink Sucker Spawn pattern with a red San Juan Worm combo on the fly rod produced a nice limit of rainbow trout for the anglers. 

Remember to adjust your weight and the depth you present your lures/flies to find the appropriate depth to catch fish. 

To finish off this segment, Grant and Brandon are fly fishing Tulpehocken Creek which is a Keystone Select Trout Stream. With the water being slightly off color and a little higher than normal due to recent rainfall, the guys adjusted their tactics to accommodate the fish. Brandon found success going deeper than normal in the water column with a double nymph rig consisting of either a black Zebra Midge, Squirmy Wormy, or Sucker Spawn.  Grant was able to catch fish using a black streamer. 

Stay tuned for the next episode! You're not going to want to miss this one!