Pennsylvania Spring Trout Series Ep 7

By: The Everyday Outdoorsmen

Welcome to the Kinsey’s Outdoors PA Spring Trout Series! In the 7th installment, Herschel Miller, Brandon Miller, and Grant Forney of The Everyday Outdoorsmen do some native trout fishing in Pennsylvania. At the beginning of the video, Grant shows how to find streams to fish for native trout. Grant, Herschel, and Brandon have a couple of successful afternoons on the water catching some trout. This video includes tips, strategies, and tactics for native trout fishing!

Tips, strategies, and tactics used:

  • Use the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission's website to help find wild trout waters near you. 
  • Wet your hands before handling trout. 
  • These trout are spooky, approach the water with stealth and caution, and be precise with your casting. 
  • Losing fish is a part of fishing, the guys are using barbless flies as well.
  • 5x and 6x tippet in clear water conditions is recommended.
  • A dry fly with a nymph dropper is a great setup for fishing these smaller streams.