2019 Hunting Gear Wish List

With another page turn of the calendar, and a few cool days starting to show up in the weather report, is a clear signal that fall is arriving. You’ve been hanging stands, cutting shooting lanes and tuning in your bow. Some of us have broken out the shotgun for some early season doves or geese to shake off the dust and finally be out hunting again. Whether you have bucks or birds in your plans for the fall, you are likely in need of some new hunting gear from Kinsey’s Outdoors in Mount Joy, PA.

Here’s a few things our field staff has on their wish list to get ready for the hunting season ahead.

  1. Montana Decoy Dreamy Doe Decoy (Whitetail)

For years, you have likely heard that serious whitetail hunters would take a decoy over a call in the woods if only given the choice to pick one. Nothing quite sells the scenario like when a deer can see another deer, drawing them in for those last few fatal steps. Realistic, lightweight and deadly, the Montana Dreamy Doe Decoy is a great option during pre- to early rut. Always be careful when using this in the woods, you may draw another hunter over as well, especially on public land.

  1. Allen Springer Upland Hunting Vest

This vest is perfect for someone who does a fair amount of bird hunting, or only goes once a year. Classic looking, ruggedly-built, and priced to give you the most bang for your buck. Plenty of storage for both shells and birds.

  1. Browning Men's Pheasants Forever Pants with Logo Embroidery

Some days the birds just don’t make it easy. That’s why Browning has partnered with Pheasants Forever to create a durable set of field pants. When the hunting pressure in the field is tough, so many pheasants will head for the thick cover and these pants give the confidence to chase them there. They’re also perfect for high mountain drive hunts for bears or deer in the thick laurel covered big woods.

  1. Sitka Men's Celsius Shacket

Why this hasn’t been invented years ago is a mystery, we guess cutting off the sleeves of the old thermal flannel was good enough. Very few products on the market have the versatility and dependability for almost every season, for season after season. You can wear it by itself early in the year, then switch to the perfect core layer when the temperature drops and don’t want the bulk in the way of your bowstring or rifle.

  1. TRU-FIRE® Release Aids EDGE 4 FINGER CAMO

You don’t really have to follow the world of bowhunting closely to know the popularity of this style of release in the past few years. The friendly and helpful staff at Kinsey’s Outdoors gladly will provide you with some suggestions and a loaner bow to shoot some arrows upstairs so to kick the tires on this newer release technology. The design makes a lot of sense and feels so natural, it frees the shooter up to focus on arrow placement and aiming.